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Below you will find all the values relevant in this experiment. Please use it as a reference if you want to find out more about the values you encounter.

In a large bold font, you find the value ID and name. Listed underneath are all keywords associated with this value. Finally, we give a defining goal to each value.

0 - nuclear family

couch, wedding, parents, sister, birth, family members, foundation, social education, unnatural, child, relatives.

Defining goal: Being together with your parents, kids and siblings.

1 - Initiative

Involvement, Do something themselves, empty roofs, local enterpreneur, residents, buying solar panels, self-doing, conscious behaviour, heat pumps, solar panels, enthusiasm, regulate its own energy, opportunities, Encouraging residents, Stimulates, stick behind the door, Initiating.

Defining goal: Participants value acting towards their own plans

2 - Nature and landscape

Nature, landscape, few places as possible, preserve, nature conservation, find a place, nature protection, small number of places, disruption of landscape, view in nature, ugly windmills, putting trees, trees, bushes, clustering, cluttering of the landscape, landscape, living, surrounding, scenic, ecology, not stand out, flat building, further from the inhabited world, not in my backyard, underground, minimal nuisance, less burdened, minimize burdening, liveability, noise, in front of my nose.

Defining goal: Preserving nature and the aesthetic of the landscape

3 - Involvement

involve people, involve citizens, democratically elected, voting, veto, election, financial participation, think along, participation, public, public evaluation, survey, opinion.

Defining goal: People have a say in the process of reaching the energy goals

4 - innovation

alternatives, stimulate, under development, future, bet on, biogas, new technologies, creativity, progress, invention.

Defining goal: Keep on producing new and better technologies.

5 - economic prosperity

unemployment, poverty, bankruptcy, economy, companies, entrepreneur, money, interests, restart, must be kept running, running, income, provide, jobs, industry, work, worried, stability.

Defining goal: Being able to pay and afford what you need.

6 - Inevitability

no choice, energy security, necessity, needed, required, necessary, important, uncertainty , responsibility.

Defining goal: _The realization that actions need to be taken even if your preferences are not aligned with that action _

7 - representation

Approach all residents, stand up for, accountability, responsibility.

Defining goal: Every member of society should be accounted for when taking decisions.

8 - Conformity

official, government, behavior, citizen, control, measures, controlled protection, 1.5 meter, working undercover, RIVM, keep distance, strict regulations, mouth caps, rules, fines, norms, regulations, stay home, responsible, unless you’re ill, no busy places, limit risk, work at home, trust.

Defining goal: Striving to comply to the guidelines and rules imposed by the authorities

9 - guidance

direction, Obliges companies, control, central, disagree, coordinated, overview, centrally regulated, distribute, take the lead, government, municipality, monitoring.

Defining goal: Having a central entity that decides and regulates energy policies.

10 - support

municipality can help me with that, professional expertise, help me decide, older people, elderly, support, help, assist, aid, facilitation, legal, permit, subsidy.

Defining goal: Ensuring that all participants can rely on the expertise of the decision makers, and are all assisted during the organizational procedures.

11 - Belonging to a group

friends, miss friends, social contact, Zoom, Skype, meet friends, social, cozy, chill, friends, buddies, youth, together, contact, church, sing, pray, sports, family, school, peers, daughter, cuddling, grandparent, relatives.

Defining goal: Being able to closely interact with the people that you care about or enjoy spending time with

12 - Equality

equal, the same, unfair, Distinction, discrimination, doesn’t apply only to certain groups of subjects, help other people, Human side, humanity.

Defining goal: Ensuring that all people are given the same treatment and act for the common good

13 - Technical Reliability

Transport losses, Overproduction, help with industry, severe winter, retention of electricity, spikes, excess generated energy, stored, later use, always electricity, stable grid, control, stability, direction of the municipality, electricity grid, energy security.

Defining goal: Ensuring that people can rely on energy solutions and have a stable energy grid without hampering in their way of life

14 - sustainability

pollution, renewable energy, care for environment.

Defining goal: Having energy policies that increase renewable energy generation.

15 - Organizational Leadership

organized, mess, conflict, central management, delays, decision-making, Prevent things from being done twice, oversee, higher level, cooperation, director, supervises, compliance, regulate, energy co-operations, director, leader, control, supervision, protection, direction, conditions, central point, democratic, Consults, municipality, Approach all residents, decision, coordinate, lead, expertise, nation, municipality, Europe, politicians, official.

Defining goal: A single organization is in charge of supervision and organizing the process towards reaching the energy goals.

16 - Autonomy

walk around, own decision, choice, proximity, do something useful, police state, personal, choice, freedom, self, autonomy, companies decide, decide for themselves, responsibility for individual, you may visit or not, own responsibility, choose for themselves.

Defining goal: Being able to make your own decisions and take the responsibility for your actions

17 - distrust

only revolves around money, fill his own cases, not leave it to the market, small part, delivered to the gods, serving, repugnance, economy, savings, anti-politics, many beautiful words, few deeds, anti-market, mistrust.

Defining goal: Big players (government, large companies) should not be in charge of solving problems on citizens’ behalf.

18 - Tradition

respect for tradition, humble, devout, accepting my portion in life.

Defining goal: Respect, commitment, and acceptance of the customs and ideas that one’s culture or religion provides.

19 - Community

cooperation, Encouraging residents, ideas, involve, involvement, local binder, limits and conditions of government and residents , mei elkoar, mienskip, think along, each other, care, contribute, balance, protection , everyone, Solidarity .

Defining goal: Preserving the feeling of doing it together and taking care of each other

20 - freedom

own direction, my choice, freedom, independence, autonomy, responsibility for themselves, private, liberty, themselves, voice, residents, small scale.

Defining goal: Participants value the ability to freely speak, think or make their own choices in the energy transition.

21 - care

caregiving, care for each others, help, support.

Defining goal: Make sure that everyone is taken care of and looked after.

22 - Economic security

money, shops, recession, company, jobs, entrepreneurs , self-employed, survival, companies, financial impact, fall, restart activity, poverty, bankrupt, restaurants, enterpreneurship, economic, taxation, productivity, unemployment, resume work, heavy economic times, economy, zzp, zzper, financial damage, companies fall down, earn money, Relaunching economics.

Defining goal: Mitigating the economic downsides of the situation caused by the pandemic and its countermeasures.

23 - fairness

apply to everyone, differences, equality, distribution, discrimination.

Defining goal: Measures should apply to everyone, without discriminating among groups (age and region especially).

24 - planning for rainy days

expectation, storage, seasonal, weather conditions, unforeseen.

Defining goal: Having plans for unforeseen circumstances.

25 - energy independence

themselves, own backyard, self, self-doing, close to home, private, reserve, need, storage.

Defining goal: Having an independent source of energy, without relying on external providers.

26 - regional benefits

jobs, own gain, profit, investment, opportunities.

Defining goal: Bring advantages to job market and economy of South-West Friesland.

27 - Free market economy

profitable, efficient, lucrative, most profit per area, optimize space, scalability, large scale, companies are effective, company, income, players, capitalist , profit.

Defining goal: The belief that a free, self-regulated market economy will result in the best gains for all participants

28 - autonomy

everything open, restrictions, enforcement, choice, own, liberty, individualist, self-concern.

Defining goal: Being able to determine by yourself what you do and are allowed to do.

29 - landscape preservation

Billiard towel with holes, beautiful, landscape, messy, few places as possible, not stand out, landscape pollution, inconspicuous, opposed to large-scale, beauty, nature is affected, interference, for nature, surroundings.

Defining goal: Leave landscape untouched.

30 - equal opportunities

benefits everyone, rich and poor, paid by everyone, strongest win from the weakest, possible for everyone, fairness.

Defining goal: Everyone should be given a chance to participate and speak up.

31 - community

decide for themselves, determining people, people determining, free, own steps, willingness, leave it to the people, from the bottom, choice, self-management, independence, autonomy, Local needs, own community, small-scale, own initiative, involvement, with residents, participation, each others, solidarity, engagement.

Defining goal: Creation and ownership by and of the community.

32 - Self-direction

creativity, freedom, choosing own goals, curious, independent.

Defining goal: Independent thought and action - choosing, creating, exploring.

33 - well-being

alone, loneliness, psychological influence, relaxation, depression, mental health, emotional, beautifull moments, mental health, psychically, suicide, pressure, needs, normal, loneliness, isolation, restless, apprehensiveness, expectation, hope.

Defining goal: Being content, doing well, without worries.

34 - being social

contact, physical, oil of society, social isolation, neighbors, hug, weighs very heavily, fellow believers, religion, friends, each others.

Defining goal: Being in contact with friends, neighbors and other acquaintances in your social circle.

35 - Distributional justice

Everywhere, not just in Friesland, spread , across the netherlands, they pay.

Defining goal: Fair distribution of burdens and benefits.

36 - Pleasure

pleasure, fun, activity, entertainment, cozy, Drink, Balance, social interaction, festivals, dates, food, recreational, leisure, liveliness, kiss, hug, whore.

Defining goal: Being able to undertake activities that promotes personal satisfaction and pleasure.

37 - Technological Innovation

Hydrogen storage, Frontrunner, water treatment, biogas, wave energy, most recent products, newest technology, H2.

Defining goal: Capacity to come up with new and better solutions to energy-related problems

38 - safety

safety measures, mouth caps, gloves, precaution, distance, wash hands, low risk, not transfering, many strangers come very close, immunity temporary, infection hazard, transfer limited, below 60, risk, building immunity, group immunity, tests, dangers to the elderly, monitoring our health, health.

Defining goal: Staying healthy and not infected.

39 - Acceptance of misbehavior

working black, empathy, illegal, ignorance, misbehavior, People are already doing it, We see it every day, abuse, illusion, lying, unfair.

Defining goal: Acceptance to the fact that people might not conform to measures.

40 - support

help, care, possibilities, don’t know, knowledge, unable, weakest.

Defining goal: People receive advice and assistance.

41 - feasibility

test case, research, possibilities, demonstrated, charts, statistics, science, rivm, try out, unlikely, logical, practical, reasonable, common sense.

Defining goal: Having policies that are doable and effective.

42 - Safety and Health

hygiene, facial protection, screen, immune, small scale, masks, protected, keep distance, distance, Mouth caps, gloves, busy, crowded, health, groups, personal, safe, mortality, fatality, death, dying, diabets, die, immune system, temperature.

Defining goal: Personal protection against the health-related impacts caused by the coronavirus

43 - control

cross-border traffic, traffic, necessary adjustments, protective equipment, distance, necessary, obliging mouth caps, can maintain, tests, impossible, protectors, solutions, masks, desinfect, app, protocol, monitored, humidity monitored, difficult, distance, sly, secretive, obey.

Defining goal: Having and respecting regulations in order to avoid the spread of the disease.

44 - Local benefit

Investment, Profits, revolves around money, earning model, profitable, rewarding, an extra penny, earn money, local profit, labour, financial risk reduction, no big investors, local labour, jobs for citizens, mercy of wealthy companies.

Defining goal: To try and steer the (financial) benefits from a solutions towards one that is best for the participant and its peers.

45 - Mental health

mentally, stress, Mental damage, positivity, living alone, psychic injury, stress, physical proximity, mental complaints, tension, spiritual relaxation, quality of life, psychiatry, loneliness, walk around, visit ill people in nursery home, cheer up, last days, empathy, compassion, last phase of life, psychologist, personal care.

Defining goal: The strive towards protecting and improving one’s emotional and psychological well-being

46 - enjoyment

beer, getaway, recreational sex, sport, entertainment, drinking, fun, pleasure, celebrate, festivals, weekends.

Defining goal: Being able to enjoy life at full and indulge in fun activities.

47 - Fairness

Same playing field, social approach, social, Each province must take a share, weaker, share profit, Divide the burden, strongest wins, neighbourhoods differ, local decision, local solution, Keep it local.

Defining goal: The strive towards a proper division of benefits and responsibilities.

48 - effectiveness

success, feasible, effective, appropriate, optimal, in order to get away from , inevitable, necessary, does its job, very busy, well-led, needed, Prevent things from being done twice, Many different housing situations, possible, small, fitting.

Defining goal: Creating tailor-made, doable policies to reach the renewable energy target.

For my PhD project, together with Enrico Liscio I developed Axies, a method for finding personal values in value-laden texts. Currently, this is work in progress, but it fits inside my project on Deliberation that scales.