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Dutch Nao Team

I have been a part of the Dutch Nao Team since 2015, participating in the RoboCup Standard Platform League. I’ve been on multiple trips with my team, which has led me to quite a lot of different places:

  • Techfest IIT, Mumbai, India (2015-2016)
  • RoboCup European Open, Eindhoven, Netherlands (2016)
  • RoboCup Leipzig, Germany (2016)
  • RoHOW, Hamburg, Germany (2016)
  • RoboCup Iran Open, Teheran, Iran (2017)
  • RoboCup Nagoya, Japan (2017)
  • RoHOW, Hamburg, Germany (2017)
  • RoboCup Montreal, Canada (2018)
  • Messe Dornbirn, Austria (2018)
  • RoHOW, Hamburg, Germany (2018)

Inside the team I was involved with the creation of our own framework, as well as leading the project group on automation. This group primarily focuses on automatic calibration of robots, as well as visualizations of the robot’s object detections and behaviors.

Aside from the team’s code, I also developed a tool to control Nao robots using a keyboard or a WiiMote. It can be found here